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Exercise Smarter Not Harder

Exercising would not exist without sports; most of what we have learned from exercise that has came from participating in some sort of physical sport such as football, track, or ballet. We then watch TV shows and see magazines that re-enforce that we need to train hard and beat the hell out of ourselves to

Why are Exercise Balls so Popular?

Regular physical activity and exercise are essential in weight loss, weight control, and improved health. Different kinds of exercise offer various benefits. Cardiovascular or aerobic training primarily improves the heart and the lunges, weight training improves strength and flexibility, while stretching exercises improve mobility and coordination. In general, regular exercise will improve your bodies overall

If You Don’t Sweat During Exercise, Is It A Waste Of Time?

You always hear the old adage, “lets go exercise and work up a good sweat” like sweating is a sign that you’ve had a good, productive workout. But what if you complete your best workout routine and you don’t really sweat during or after? Was that workout a lost cause? Does it mean you just