A Look in the Mirror: Losing Weight and Getting Fit This Year

Every year it’s the same question, what is your New Year’s resolution? I personally do not participate in them but I enjoy hearing all the responses from losing weight to traveling the world. Losing weight and getting fit has been the number one New Year’s resolution for many years and can you guess what the number one broken New Year’s resolution is? You guessed it, losing weight and getting fit.

For many years I worked with these people that had inspiring goals to get fit and lose weight for the New Year. I soon realized that about 60 percent of these clients were unsuccessful in there quest, therefore I was unsuccessful in my quest in guiding my clients to their goals. I know plenty of trainers and health coaches that are great at sales and every year they make a killing with New Year’s resolutions. I just couldn’t continue to take peoples money knowing that 60 percent were going to be unsuccessful. My business is primarily fed by referrals and if my clients were 60 percent unsuccessful then why would anyone want to work with me.  I decided to find a way to screen out the people that weren’t committed to my guidance and the new body they think they wanted.

I have been coaching people for over 20 years and I have become very good at reading and figuring out what their commitment levels are. Also being primarily a referral business most of my clients don’t come to me unless they are ready for the changes I will require. So, how do you know if you are ready to lose weight and get fit. I suggest using an old trick I use with my friends and family. I’m like a lot of you that will sacrifice my own time and well being for my loved ones but after many years of being disappointed I realized I need to know if they really want my help.

I will be the first to tell you that everyone needs professional guidance when it come to health and fitness, it’s so confusing otherwise. Before you decide to take the step to hire a trainer or health coach or even joining a gym or buying a piece of home equipment I suggest to test yourself. I have the simplest test that tells me that you are committed to exercise.

Everyday for fourteen days walk 30 minutes and it has to be everyday for at least 30 minutes. The only excuse I allow is a natural disaster or death in the family. If either one of those happen I expect you to make it up by doing two walks on one of the other days. I know some of you are thinking it cold out or it’s raining, I really don’t care. If a disability does not allow you to walk you can substitute a bike or elliptical, or if you have a treadmill you can use that instead.

After you pass this test feel free to join the gym, hire your trainer or buy your equipment. Then find someone that can teach you how to be successful with your new quest of health. I know this test sounds so simple but you would be amazed on how many people are unsuccessful with my test. If you do not pass this test don’t waste your time or money and find a New Year’s resolution where you will succeed. If you are unsuccessful give this test a try again later in the year and maybe then you will be ready.

Don’t be one of those 60 percent that are going to be unsuccessful with their health and fitness New Year’s resolutions. Don’t waste your money on gym memberships, home equipment or trainer. Find resolutions where you can succeed so that you can become a great example for your friends, family and community.

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