Exercising Benefits and the Fitness Ball


Regular physical activity and exercise are essential in weight loss, weight control, and improved health. Different kinds of exercise offer various benefits. Cardiovascular or aerobic training primarily improves the heart and lungs; weight training improves strength and flexibility, while stretching exercises improve mobility and coordination. In general, regular exercise will improve your body’s overall health which will help reduce heart disease, cancer, certain types of diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. In addition, exercise also improves brain chemistry and reduces anxiety.

Studies show that exercising and other physical activities promote the release of endorphins in the human body. Endorphins, short for Endogenous Morphins are the body's natural pain killer. When released, this substance gives moments of bliss and relaxation. Research shows that people who exercise regularly have more energy and better self-esteem. These workouts should be done properly to avoid injuries and other unwanted effects. Perform a 5-10 minute warm up prior to exercise and do all movements in a controlled manner.

Because of its physical and mental health benefits, many people have incorporated exercise in their lifestyles. However, because of monetary constraints, some individuals are not able to go to the gym or purchase the necessary equipment. If this is you, consider using a fitness ball, which has become popular among many health and exercise enthusiasts.

A fitness ball, also known as a Pilate’s ball, stability ball, Swiss ball, and gym ball is made of elastic rubber which usually has a diameter of 14 to 34 inches. Instead of exercising directly on a flat surface, exercising with a fitness ball provides instability that creates good tension to certain muscle parts. These muscles gain strength as they try to maintain balance. With frequent training, these muscles may become stronger and gain mass overtime. In addition, fitness balls work effectively while causing minimal strain or injuries. Many fitness experts contend that fitness ball exercises, if executed wrongly, may cause injury. Nonetheless, training on a fitness ball is one way of working out many hard-to-reach muscles. Adding a fitness ball in a fitness program may help surpass some difficult levels involved during exercise. Studies show that by simply sitting on the ball, stabilizer muscles are activated and these muscles are essential in improving one's posture.

Benefits of using an exercise ball include:

•           Develop overall control and strength of the core body muscles

•           Increase lower back mobility

•           Increase abdominal and back muscle strength

•           Improve balance and stability

•           Get a deeper stretch and a better muscle workout

•           Use other muscles to balance during training and get a better workout

•           Take pressure off certain joints because the ball is soft and round


Regular activity, coupled with a nutritious diet, are vital components of good health. Individuals who desire to improve their health should seek the advice of health professionals to maximize the effects of exercise and healthy food regimens. Obtaining the right information from experts is important in improving one's health. Good health is a lifetime journey and is one of the components of a happy life. For more information on exercise check out schaffermethod.com

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