Core Strength and Abdominal Surgery


About ten years ago I worked in Southern California and was inundated by clients who had Cesarean Section  (C-Sections) and Hysterectomies. These surgeries are very invasive and unfortunately there is no physical therapy for either operation. In most cases, this is the single most physically traumatic event to happen to women.

I see more people with abdominal surgeries like C-section, hysterectomy, hernia or exploratory surgery then any other physical issue. I am truly confused on why it is not common practice to require physical therapy after these surgeries. I am making it my mission to provide to the public a program that will reconnect you to your core abdominal muscles. My team and I have spent the last 4 years creating a video series that will allow every person with an abdominal surgery a chance to activate and strengthen his or her core properly.

Nearly all physical therapists, personal trainers, exercise specialists and every person shooting an exercise video are not trained to handle someone with an abdominal surgery. To be affective you must first become aware and activate the muscles that were cut before you start to strength train your core. If you do not activate and reconnect you just put more stress on your hip flexors, back and neck. Every person that has ever had a C-section, hysterectomy or any other abdominal surgery should pay close attention to this article.

People with abdominal surgeries usually come to me for some reason not related to their surgery – at least they don’t see the connection. At first these people will have some weakness and slight discomfort in the core region but that is to be expected. They don't start seeing problems for 2-6 years after the surgery or surgeries. They will start to get lower back tension and also notice there feet are a lot sorer. If they start to exercise for weight loss or to improve fitness level they tend to struggle with any type of abdominal work. Most of the time they feel tension in their back and neck. Unfortunately if strength training continues it will end up affecting their neck, shoulders and hips.  It does not matter if you had abdominal surgery last year or 30 years ago, you must first activate the core properly before strengthening.

Why is this a problem? The reason why abdominal surgeries are so often overlooked is because we don’t have any joints in the abdominal area. Years pass on and then that weakness that was created in the core is now carried by another part of your body such as your feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck which creates tension in those joints.  After a common knee surgery physical therapy is usually prescribed lasting 6-12 weeks. I have had three knee surgeries and have had years of rehabilitation. I think that all my rehab is not nearly as important as having the abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscles rehabilitated and strengthened after surgery.

If you have had any abdominal surgery please take this advice. You should never feel any pain, stress or discomfort in your back, hips or neck when performing an abdominal exercise. The reason you feel stress in these areas is because your nervous system is not responding fast enough to the abdominal muscle that were cut. To be successful in abdominal strengthening you must first activate the traumatized area. My team’s series is a progressive training system designed to activate muscles that support your core.  Doctors may tell you that they didn’t cut the muscles and that may be true but they had to at least cut the connective tissue that attaches to the muscles and this causes the same issues. Unfortunately there are very few people that really know what to do in this situation so if you have any questions or if you decide to exercise with an abdominal surgery, please contact me for more information. For more information or to learn about this innovative video series, please email me at

10 Responses to Core Strength and Abdominal Surgery

  1. Michelle Liddy says:

    I am having a hyst (transabdominal) in 3 days. I was just saying last night…why no PT!!! Then I saw this. I am interested in your DVD program. I cant find the price and further info on this site

    • I just sent you a private email, The Nuspine program is being rereleased in the next couple months. In the mean time I sent you a private email with my Core Program designed for people that have had

  2. Elizabeth Herring says:

    I would definitely like more info on this DVD. Is it available yet?

  3. sandra says:

    My brother just sent me three KETO/os packets and I was listening to your webinar, then came here I have been on a ketosis lifestyle for almost a year – dropped 12lbs w/i a month but nothing since, but many inches- I love it, but it is very difficult to sustain while traveling – everything is as you know “low fat” I am very excited for these pacquets. I am in Florida w/my daughter who just had her first baby – c-section :-) I had all four children c-section in France, where after every birth a woman get ten sessions w/ a kinetherapist/pt … not the case here
    we are very interested in what you are doing w/women post c-section
    My other daughter is suffering from…. all over pain… is there possibility of distribution in France

  4. Patricia says:

    I would like more info on your DVD! 2 c-sections and 4 babies. No matter how small I get I still have a stomach (don’t really want surgery)!

  5. S. Elizabeth Gibson says:

    wow…I am 56…I had a gall bladder surgery at 27, a complete sweep hysterectomy and bladder suspension at 30…at 40 ish…I blew out my umbilical and four other hernias when I caught a 600 lb wood burning stove that was about to fall on my 10 year old child…I have never really worked out since the gall bladder surgery…at 25 I broke my tibia and fibula and was in a cast for almost six months and on crutches another six months after the cast came off…prior to that I would run a couple of miles a day…after the gall bladder surgery I gained 72 lbs in six weeks…and my weight kept going up…around 40 ish…we had a fire in our home and the smoke was toxic and destroyed my digestive enzymes…all of this history to say that I am around 350 with limited physical abilities now…will this work-out be too intense or can a gargantuan gal be able to do this?

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