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Core Strength and Abdominal Surgery


About ten years ago I worked in Southern California and was inundated by clients who had Cesarean Section  (C-Sections) and Hysterectomies. These surgeries are very invasive and unfortunately there is no physical therapy for either operation. In most cases, this is the single most physically traumatic event to happen to women. I see more people

Exercising Benefits and the Fitness Ball


Regular physical activity and exercise are essential in weight loss, weight control, and improved health. Different kinds of exercise offer various benefits. Cardiovascular or aerobic training primarily improves the heart and lungs; weight training improves strength and flexibility, while stretching exercises improve mobility and coordination. In general, regular exercise will improve your body’s overall health

How To Get Rid of Cellulite and Feel Better About Yourself


Anybody who has it often wonders how to get rid of cellulite. No matter where you have it or how much, these unsightly deposits of fat on the body create a real nightmare. Many women experience cellulite showing up after pregnancy. Even a sudden weight gain can set the stage for unexpected cellulite throughout the

The Benefits Of Swimming For Fitness

 What are the benefits Of swimming for fitness?   Swimming is one of those exercises that are hard to hate, since it’s gentle and yet fun at the same time. Most people enjoy a dip in the pool, so why not turn that dip into some laps as a form of exercise?  There are many

Should I do Cardio or Weights?

Often, this depends on what your goals are. I find that most people start to exercise without a clear understanding of what their goals are. Even when people do understand their goals they often do not know the best path to achieve those goals. Many people believe that starting a new gym membership and getting

How to Prevent Going Back to Old Habits After Losing Weight

Congratulations!  You have exercised and develop healthy nutrition habits to lose weight, and you look and feel fabulous.  Now comes the hard part. How do you avoid reverting to bad habits and packing on the pounds that you lost?  There are a few effective strategies, which can help you, maintain your new figure, and they

A Faster Way to Lose Fat Without Major Changes to Your Workout

In this article I want to compare traditional long, slow cardio with interval training also known as HIIT for fat loss. From a fat loss standpoint, the more calories you burn and the increase in metabolic rate, the better. Let’s see how good long, slow cardio and interval training are at burning calories. Long, slow

Overcoming Abdominal Surgery Provided by Nuspine

“For the first time in years I am able to fully interact with my children. I can play with them on the floor and at the park. Best of all, I can carry my daughter to bed at night, an experience I was unable to have prior to Nuspine. “

A Look in the Mirror: Losing Weight and Getting Fit This Year

Every year it’s the same question, what is your New Year’s resolution? I personally do not participate in them but I enjoy hearing all the responses from losing weight to traveling the world. Losing weight and getting fit has been the number one New Year’s resolution for many years and can you guess what the

Home Workouts That Really Work for You

We are all tempted to make home workouts a priority, but there are certain things you want to avoid. You can really get some good workouts in at home but first you need to be sure that you set up your home workout as an appointment. Allocating time will enable you to not get distracted