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How To Get Rid of Cellulite and Feel Better About Yourself


Anybody who has it often wonders how to get rid of cellulite. No matter where you have it or how much, these unsightly deposits of fat on the body create a real nightmare. Many women experience cellulite showing up after pregnancy. Even a sudden weight gain can set the stage for unexpected cellulite throughout the

How to Prevent Going Back to Old Habits After Losing Weight

Congratulations!  You have exercised and develop healthy nutrition habits to lose weight, and you look and feel fabulous.  Now comes the hard part. How do you avoid reverting to bad habits and packing on the pounds that you lost?  There are a few effective strategies, which can help you, maintain your new figure, and they

Can we actually measure our health?

It’s inevitable that there will be a time in a person’s life that they feel they need to be healthier. There is a good chance you want to be healthier at this moment. People want to feel good, look good, and be happy; having a little more energy or strength would also be great. If

We are all guides to our health

Life is like a bus, the people that get on our bus help guide us to our path. The important fact in this analogy is that you must be driving your bus. Unfortunately, people go years with someone else driving their bus, then one day they awake and realize they have gone down the wrong

The Story About Losing Fat!

Not only is our country becoming more overweight but the whole world is following suit. Billions of dollars are spent every year on fat loss pills, fad diets and medical intervention but the problem still grows. Most of you reading this right now are probably thinking, you could handle losing a few pounds, and some are

Are you getting enough nutrients from your food?

Food is one of man’s essentials to life and most of us tend to enjoy it, but is the food your eating completing your nutritional needs? Everyday we eat to energize, replenish, grow and to eliminate waste from our body to live and thrive. Our bodies are resilient during our twenties and we treat our

If You Don’t Sweat During Exercise, Is It A Waste Of Time?

You always hear the old adage, “lets go exercise and work up a good sweat” like sweating is a sign that you’ve had a good, productive workout. But what if you complete your best workout routine and you don’t really sweat during or after? Was that workout a lost cause? Does it mean you just

Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight 24 Hours a Day – Lose Fat Even When Sleeping

Burning body fat 24 hours a day is simple. Yes, I said simple, but I did not say it is easy. That is because you must have a firm commitment and mental discipline to do it. However, it will get easier and easier as you adapt to your new lifestyle and when your body fat

4 Easy Health and Fitness Tips

The US has seen an enormous increase in the number of people considered obese by the medical community. In fact many call it an obesity epidemic. To combat this we find all sorts of pharmaceutical companies selling the “quick fix” pills, powders, and lotions that do nothing to actually help people take the fat off