Home Workouts That Really Work for You

We are all tempted to make home workouts a priority, but there are certain things you want to avoid. You can really get some good workouts in at home but first you need to be sure that you set up your home workout as an appointment. Allocating time will enable you to not get distracted

Is your workout actually making you stronger?

I have been watching men and women of all ages do fitness classes, workout videos and lifting relatively light weight with no results. What do I mean by a relatively light weight? Relatively light weight is when you pick up a weight and do 15 repetitions but you really could have done 20-30 repetitions. I

Exercising Benefits and the Fitness Ball

Regular physical activity and exercise are essential in weight loss, weight control, and improved health. Different kinds of exercise offer various benefits. Cardiovascular or aerobic training primarily improves the heart and lungs; weight training improves strength and flexibility, while stretching exercises improve mobility and coordination. In general, regular exercise will improve your body’s overall health

What is the ideal workout routine?

The answer to the question is yes and no. When I design a workout for someone I consider structural balance, all past injuries, strength ratio, muscle fiber type, equipment, exercise history, time, medical conditions, and goals. That is all done before I design a workout for them, and even then I’m not sure it is

Can we actually measure our health?

It’s inevitable that there will be a time in a person’s life that they feel they need to be healthier. There is a good chance you want to be healthier at this moment. People want to feel good, look good, and be happy; having a little more energy or strength would also be great. If

We are all guides to our health

Life is like a bus, the people that get on our bus help guide us to our path. The important fact in this analogy is that you must be driving your bus. Unfortunately, people go years with someone else driving their bus, then one day they awake and realize they have gone down the wrong

The Story About Losing Fat!

Not only is our country becoming more overweight but the whole world is following suit. Billions of dollars are spent every year on fat loss pills, fad diets and medical intervention but the problem still grows. Most of you reading this right now are probably thinking, you could handle losing a few pounds, and some are

Are you getting enough nutrients from your food?

Food is one of man’s essentials to life and most of us tend to enjoy it, but is the food your eating completing your nutritional needs? Everyday we eat to energize, replenish, grow and to eliminate waste from our body to live and thrive. Our bodies are resilient during our twenties and we treat our

Effects of Television

The modern world regularly idolizes and encourages overuse of media, such as televisions, computers, video games and cell phones. However, overexposure to electronics can cause serious health problems, no matter the age of the user. Studies prove television has negative effects on sleep such as nighttime anxiety or fear, and an unstable mental state. If

Do you have a sleeping problem?

According to the  University of Maryland Medical Center some 40 million Americans suffer from chronic disorders of sleep and wakefulness. Unfortunately, these often remain unidentified and undiagnosed by patients and physicians alike. Consider: Six out of every 10 adults say they have sleep problems a few nights a week or more. Daytime sleepiness is severe